MAXtv now available via satellite


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5 Ara 2009
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MAXtv now available via satellite

MAXtv from now broadcasts via satellite, which means that it is available in all parts of the Croatian. MAXtv a satellite can be requested in all T-Centers or through the Customer Service
All those who MAXtv not previously been available, such as in smaller, rural areas or on islands, etc., will now be able to enjoy numerous TV series, news, music, sports, documentaries and educational programs and other activities of local, regional and international TV stations .

Particularly noteworthy exclusive content in MAXtv offer, such as those that users can monitor the channels Arenasport Arenasport 1 and 2, a favorite among sports fans.

The choice of which will be broadcast via satellite MAXtv is very similar to those that may follow the existing users MAXtv services broadcast through IPTV technology, and users will be able to choose between different software packages the one that best suits their needs. Users MAXtv new services will be able to enjoy the additional packages as before, such as Sports, Sport Plus, HBO or Premium Plus package, and free, so. Free to Air channels. The prices of software packages are the same as before.

MAXtv a satellite can be requested in all T-Centers or through Customer Service. All interested users of T-HT in the shortest possible time to install the necessary equipment and provide follow-up MAXtv anywhere in Croatia. Furthermore, T-HT and allows users all the elements required for admission MAXtv via satellite, like satellite antenna system (dishes) and MAXtv satellite receivers, and all users can ask for at affordable prices in the T-Centres, or through customer service.

Users will soon be able to enjoy other advanced, interactive and Internet functionality that today MAXtv offers, which are currently unique to our market only on the new T-HT-satellite platform. These are: Snimalica, video, interactive web content (Internet portals, widgets, red button, etc.) and channels in high definition (HD).

Test MAXtv broadcasting services via satellite platform began in October, and after successful completion of testing, T-HT is ready to offer service to everyone. Satellite capacity provided by Eutelsat and the satellite Sesat 1 (16 ° East).

In addition, users interested in MAXtv service by the end of the year may, with the Christmas offer T-HT, obtained by more favorable conditions. More information about the Christmas offer at
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