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29 Şub 2008
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AZOpen - AZBox OpenTools

This program downloads XMLTV data from, and uses the control
files there to assist with the application of these data to the EPG of
the AZBox.

For users:
If you just want to use this to set your EPG, copy the contents of the bin
directory onto your AZBox, and set up a cron job to execute it perhaps once
per day - select a weird time, to ensure that you don't overload the server.

Edit the azepgmgr.conf file to enable the channels you want. The default
is for the UK channels to be enabled, but you only have to remove the
comment character "#" from the line you want, in order to enable it.
Remember to comment out the UK entry if you don't want that.

Run to run the tool. It's not fast, but it should finidh in
about 5 minutes. It tries to download the daily file form, but
if it hasn't been made available yet, you can specify the date yourself
by calling it as:
where YYYY=year, MM=month and DD=day, e.g. today is March 7, 2010, which
would be:
./ 20100307

Of course, you don't want to download the XMLTV data every time you want to
update your EPG. In this case, simply run:
and this will update your EPG.

Actually, the program that does the EPG update is called azepgmgr and has
the following parameters:
-c ChannelsFile Default = "rytec.channels.xml"
The name of the file containing the channels information
-x XMLTVData Required - no default
The name of the file containing the XMLTV data
-d days Default = 1 day (24 hours)
The number of days for which to load the EPG
-h hours Default = 24 hours
The number of hours for which to load the EPG (see -d)
-n maxEvents Default = 10000
The number of events to load into the EPG
Indicates that this should provide verbose information about the
run. If you specify more "-v"s, you get more debug information.

A typical run would be:
./azepgmgr -c rytec.channels.xml -x rytecxmltvuk

For developers:
Requirements to build this are:
1. The AZBox TV SDK
2. The AZBox Plugin SDK (optional)
3. The AZBox toolchain

The program uses libxml2 to process the XMLTV data, so the versions of
these libraries rebuilt for the AZBox are in the bin directory, along
with the header files in the hdr directory.

There are a number of source files in the program:
main.c This contains main() and controls the run, reading the
command-line parameters.
dump.c Used for debugging and to dump various items
loadchan.c Reads the channel.xml file, using the data to identify
the corresponding channel in the AZBox's channel list.
loadepg.c Reads the EPG XMLTV data and calls the functions to
insert the data into the EPG.
sdkmgr.c Calls the SDK functions. This allows all other functions
to be tested in isolation of the SDK.

Known problems:
* Because of memory limitations, this only supports the addition of a
maximum of around 10000 events.
* The AZBox SDK displays spurious messages: this is not a function of
this tool, but rather a function of the SDK.

0.2 - 2010-03-12
This has useful defaults for the number of events and other params,
and introduces new command-line flags to allow the specification of
the duration in days or hours, and the maximum number of events

0.1 - 2010-03-11
Initial release


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14 Haz 2010
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Priority Manager V1.6

NEW: fine tuning for the channel switching times. (Thanks to Zeini for the tests)

NEW: Set all system passwords from user interface.

NEW: Automatic correction PriorityManagerSettings.txt format againist accidentally UNIX
is in DOS format saved by users.

NEW: Priority Management feature can turn on and off times of user interface or directly
of PriorityManagerSettings.txt.

Changes in these parameters in PriorityManagerSettings.txt if you are not satisfied (or
Problems) Priority Management feature. This gives you more control over the priority

NEW: DOM Speed Increading function on and off times of user interface or directly
of PriorityManagerSettings.txt.

New: Support for the CIF and mounting NFS shares of the same file server at the same time.

UPDATE: With a click of a button in the user interface, sometimes empty output.

FIX: Incorrect documentation saying that it requires CRON feature allows BusyBox
Feature. In fact, / plugins / Priority Manager / busybox is called directly by Priority Manager,
So, if you wish, you can disable BusyBox function while using CRON function.