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5 Ara 2009
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About 3 months ago KGDTeam out into the world of HD, there were several DECOS in the market but the choice was AZBOX mainly because he was the more potential we saw, in addition because he was the most needed and what users are constantly demanding and also because that was the greatest challenge posed to us.

People who know us we are always looking for other jobs to make a stable firmware that meets the needs of people, easy to handle in Castilian and has good support.

This beta version is NOT an official image, but an alternative image is based on the beta version 0.9.4295 Azbox we tried to do my best but as the SOURCES are not public because we've managed so that there are a few examples in the form of API that is less than nothing, we do all this in order to collaborate to have a better image, not compete with anyone.


Recomanda charge via USB patch.bin in putting the root of a USB doing a reboot and then following the upgrade process on occasion both official and beta firmware upgrade process is not done properly and that consists of 4 parts and specifically the one you miss 3 which is the process that copies all files to the flash, it can be appreciated because the upgrade only lasts 2 minutes short, the solution is simple nothing but restart with the USB stick again show the screen You select upgrade for unknown firmware update because I just do I have facilities near the load and perform as well, we are investigating why this occurs for both our firmware as the OPENSAT Oficial for this will not happen. But it happens only in certain cases.


Because the image brings many new features and some may not know how they work and also to take full advantage for them, let us explain it by parts and uses of the items, for any question or problem about it using the respective threads section to have everything well organized, so it will provide better aid.

First the PanelKGD that you have in your navigation menu PLUGINS has three buttons MENU button which is next to left of the cursor, the arrow keys to navigate the same, OK to select. With the EXIT key exits the plugin.

Install and Uninstall Extras (Addons)

This is our FTP here you will have the option to install or uninstall all the news going out and demands that we hagais and be in constant update on the pin "News of the FTP" we will be briefing. This menu contains the following options:

- Cams, Cas and multicast: You will have the latest news to go.

- Lists: Here dispondreis of lists for the major satellite channels in some cases to install a motor list if you may have to put the same config data for a good performance.

- Iplisten: This is a list of IP that we will be adding for the moment there is no since he had stopped working if you give some validation for the add.

- Games: here you will have games available for our azbox.

- Miscellaneous: This section will encompass everything that is not the past and there will be updates and patches mainly for the image, we created a system where errors occur, or failure to find improvements for it, you can install APPLY CHANGES IN the next restart, all without having to change image and a quick and simple way.


This section is responsible for executing scripts and see the screen very useful result as before from the plugins menu is executed but no one knew if their state had been right and not a result. Come two sample files but you may delete and add up to a total of 10 route is: / PLUGINS / PanelKGD / scripts is very important that each script has 755 for its performance attributes.


Configurations include several options available if they are activated and then to be executed after every reboot will continue to run until they are deactivated.

Bluetooth module -Activar/Desactivar: These are the bluetooth modules if activated will allow the use of these shoots into the azbox.

- Enable / Disable crond: If you ripped the crond active (task scheduler) to do reboots podreis indicate, standby, running scripts to hours, days, weeks, indicated, the file that takes care of it is on the route : / PLUGINS / PanelKGD / init / crond called abris crond.lst if you can see some examples of how it works is important that you always have attributes 755.

- Enable / Disable Lock channel list: This will block the channel list because there have been cases that become disordered in this way are always left untouched, to modify the list of channels is necessary to disable it.

- On / Off Swap 128MB (Requires HDD): This option will not work if previously installed the "Install HDD PLUGINS" which will detail later.

- Enable / Disable SmarGo FTI and On / Off SmarGo pl2303: Activating SmarGo modules are torn to use them.

- On / Off Fan Premium +: This activates or deactivates the fan in the premium models +.

- Enable / Disable HTTPD Webserver (DDirec): When we activate the webinterface available for plugin DDirec that also detailed below, then putting an web browser you may gain access to that interface.

- Enable / Disable CamSkin: This is a new utility to enable dispondreis of CAM information from your real-time during the vision of a channel, showing detailed information of the peer, distance, etc. .. simply by pressing**** will come a window with the INFO for the moment only works with all versions will be added later Mbox for the rest of CAMS. It is important to work on the file that contains openxcas.conf at the end of these two lines:
Code:Check This Page

INFO = /tmp/


Some do not work, but could be compiled again or try some solution to their proper functioning.

- Install ipkg HDD: This option is making ipkg install on a USB device or internal HDD podreis put it up on a simple pencil, and would be disabled by simply removing the same, we recommend installing an internal HDD in the case of premium or external HDD case because there are so many applications will need enough space.

- Install Packages: Through an alphabetical menu podreis install any application before you show the info of what is and what libraries or other aplicaiones need if it took the case on the same install.

- Uninstall Packages: Uninstall seleccioneis packages to install.

- Update all installed packages: ipkg upgrade all your installed applications whenever there are updates for them.

- Installation manual Package: This option installs all *. ipk file that tengais stuck in / TMP

Extras HDD:

Allegato 977

This option will allow us to install all plugins in a USB HDD or pen, valid for premium and elite models, us one of the problems was that azbox which allowed little room to install plugins and have created this application to fix, you advantage that Plugins can be installed in different devices, the advantage is that if you want you can use different pencils with different configurations of cams or plugins, but the recommended way is to use a fixed disposto a HDD USB or internal.

HDD-install plugins: In order to use the other options in this menu is essential installer is needed to mount the swap in the settings menu.

- Save settings and lists HDD: This option saves all your config, channel lists, general settings, Inadyn, network setup, language, etc ...

- Restore configuration: Restores the settings that you saved previously, it is important that restoring a configuration may, depending on the version problems occur primarily because sometimes things change from one version to another and may be the best case of incompatibilities is to keep a copy of each image, and restore the same version or successive, but not a lot of difference.

- Uninstall PLUGINS HDD: This option uninstalls the PLUGINS your HDD but never deletes just do not ride and would return to using the DOM (IDE internal memory azbox have all 256MB).


Right from the panel by pressing the YELLOW You can open this plugin that will show detailed information of your MBOX is a beta version in subsequent versions by clicking OK on a peer display the info from it.


Right from the panel by pressing the GREEN You can open this plugin that will show detailed information of your MULTICAN is a beta version in subsequent versions by clicking OK on a peer display the info from it.


Show ecm info from your cam.


This is very practical new plugin allows you to use Telnet console in real time using a plugin grafico azbox as permitted use through any USB keyboard lets you configure, edit, or anything previously done by console with which the image becomes an element with a simple keyboard would not need to touch the PC at all.


In this version we made the following changes:

Busybox 1.15 one of the latest versions bitching about time we had a few commands that we had since the azbox version 0.1 uses this command, you shall have plenty of opportunities here and you put a full list of available commands and their functioning:

Any doubt about the same current to help you as much as possible. One of the commands you already have the HTTPD will be very useful for those with Webinterface trabais.

Changes in the boot we made some changes to make it boot a tad slower so we get a little more stability and execution of our scripts and in what you believe.

Wifi modules: Added several more modules that are, rt73 and rt2870 thanks to ike.

Language Translation Castilian correct: they have change some strings that were bad the translation through Ajo

Speed: We added some changes to improve overall performance and gain more processing speed.

Skin: Skin Changed menus and shiny black one thanks Mpiero

And surely forget us something more but this would be the image itself, as is a beta version will have bugs but surely we can find among all the solution for a stable image.

As a note the image is EXPERIMENTAL we are not responsible for any use that to him or if it causes any problems in your team, if you load it under your own responsibility more, also point you to the image does not provide or Keys, Cams or anything; and remind you that the viewing platforms without its subscription fee, is punishable by law.

Finally we thank the Admin mainly for all their support and assistance in this project and also to Fudidum, Yersi, Morser, Macmanolo, Ike and Mpiero, sure I leave it to someone if so I apologize .